About Orcon®

Orcon® workwear has specialized in industrial workwear and has been supplying innovative workwear which meets your highest requirements and standards since 1913.

They make your clothing suitable and comfortable by taking you, the wearer, very seriously. In 2015 Orcon® workwear launched a completely new product range: Orcon® CAPTURE, an innovative range which offers style, comfort, functionality and safety. Items in the Capture range can be mixed and matched and all are in line with European sizing standards. Besides the Orcon® CAPTURE range Orcon Workwear also offers the following clothing lines and ranges: Orcon® Classics, Orcon® Basics and Orcon® Food. Orcon® Workwear the best for you.


About Orcon® International

Orcon has expanded its Duch base into the South European market.

Orcon is now also available in Spain and Portugal with a dedicated team serving customers based in our office in Spain. Contact us at (+34 951 51 91 80) or visits us below.

Orcon® Spain